Drugs and Alcohol


Community needle exchange

You can go to any of the pharmacies in Newham list on the website to get, clean needles, return used needles, discuss, referral into treatment, access to a range of advice and support regarding safer drug use and safer injecting techniques.


Newham Young People’s Service

Newham Young People’s Service is a free drug and alcohol service for young people aged between 11 and 18. The service is for young people living in Newham who have questions or concerns about drugs or alcohol and would like information or advice.


Newham Rise

Newham Rise, is the drug and alcohol service for Newham Residents. It offers a wide range of free, confidential treatment and recovery services for individuals, families​ and carers affected by drug and alcohol issues.


Talk to Frank

This services provides access to information on services that can provide advice, support and information on the effects of drugs.


We are with you

Get free, confidential support with alcohol, drugs or mental health from one of our local services or online.

Date published: 11th May, 2023
Date last updated: 11th May, 2023